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06 Sep 2017 19:54 #18309 por ogalcor
Updates y Newsletters semanales Publicado por ogalcor
Publicado update para la 1.5 Beta. Basicamente no vale para nada :sss: Por lo que ya sabemos lo que nos espera para la semana que viene.........nada-wonder-

DCS Update 2

Added support of DCS: NS430 module.

DCS World
Ingame manual window issues fixed
ME trigger list: airfield names are localized.
New portion of textures has been added for IC.
PAI: Navigation lights on С-130, An-26B, An-30M, IL-76MD, Yak-40 aircraft will work.
Server hoster won't be kicked from cockpit to external view when a client exits using Alt+F4 combo.
AI plane will hold desired speed set in ME.

DCS Ka-50
Added trimmer mode for joysticks without spring and FFB into Ka-50 special options. Same as Mi-8MTV2 option.

DCS SA-342 Gazelle by Polychop
Main rotor head shapes correction
Tail rotor shapes and animation added
Sound no more playing after helicopter crash or else and reloading a new mission
Net arguments correction
Gun & Rockets Sight correction
No more persistent damages when starting a new mission with the helicopter crashed during a previous mission
Radios have been reworked : Now Communication menus are acessable through "", "RShift+ " and "RCtrl+ " for VHF AM, VHF FM and UHF AM radios respectively
Corrected Gun sound
Fix for Radio issues are in the works

Known issues
Multiplayer client's track record/replay is broken

The update will be available today for an open beta. If no critical issues are found, next week it will be available in the public version.

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